Create Outlook Account

Create an outlook account is very important in this days because Outlook has reborn from the ashes. Some years ago, for using outlook you had to download it to your computer and it only allowed to people send and receive emails.

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Nowadays, is full of new features which you can do a lot of things, such as upload your information to the cloud, create docs and check them online with other people and many stuffs like that.

How to create new Outlook account

First, you need to go to Outlook’s official website, or you can also go to Hotmail’s website which leads you the new Microsoft’s email platform (Outlook).

create outlook account
create outlook account

If you have an account already, you would not have to fill the blanks using your email and password.

If you do not have an outlook account yet, you will have to find, in the main blue screen, up to the right the “create an account” option. As you can imagine, you need to click there in order to create Outlook account. Once you have clicked in there, you will be leaded to a form which you will have to complete using your personal information. It is extremely important to use your real information, because if you have problems in the future the only way you will have to recover your account is to remember your information, and if it is real, is much easier to remember.

It is important to mention that when you try to create Outlook account you can also use or, so you can personalize your email and use the one it is better for you. We recommend to use “.com” because it is easier to remember for people. But it is the same if it is “@outlook” or “@hotmail”. So feel free to choose, and you can even use them both to different uses such as family and professional.

Last thing you will have to do is to provide a way to Microsoft to send you a code which verify your identity and that you are not a robot. Once you have done this, you just have to put it into the box in the screen and voilà! Now you have created an Outlook account! Congratulations!

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