Create Snapchat Account

Create new Snapchat Account. Messaging and social apps and platforms have been with for quite a while, making our life a lot easier and fun in terms of sharing content like photos, videos and personal content, as well as allowing us to know new people and keep in touch with love ones no matter the distance.

Create new Snapchat Account

Create new Snapchat Account
Create new Snapchat Account

However, some years passed without anything novel in relation to social and messaging platforms until Snapchat appeared, changing the concept of messaging and communicate with contacts thanks to the awesome capabilities of modern phones, along with incredible software and a great idea in mind.

What Snapchat is?

Snapchat is a messaging app, but it works like no other messaging application you can find. In detail, with Snapchat you will be sending a message in the form of a video or photo that can last from one to ten seconds, and you will be able to choose which contacts are going to receive the video or image and for how long it is going to be available for them to watch it, until 24 hours.

Nevertheless, that is only the beginning with Snapchat since all the videos and photos you send can be modified, but not just by adding color frames, text or a draw on them but with actual augmented reality filters you can choose. For example, you can add different mask to your face if you take a selfie, being even themed with current holydays like Christmas, 4 of July, ETC.

After the time you chose for the Snapchat story to appear is passed, the post will be erased from the company servers. Like this, Snapchat is a secure and fun app that no wonder is one of the favorite among young people in the United States and other countries. In fact, other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp copy Snapchat stories since their popularity.

Get your Snapchat account

In order to have your account on Snapchat, you have to download the app on your smart phone or tablet, by searching for it on the corresponding application markets on IOS and Android; The App Store and Google Play, respectively.

How to Create a new Snapchat Account easy

After you download the Snapchat app on your device all you need to do is open it, and on the first screen shows the options “Log in” and Sign Up”; tap on the second one. By doing so, the registration process starts by asking you your name, last name, your birthdate, your username that will be the one identifying you on the platform, so make it unique and interesting.

Then, set your password, your email address and your mobile phone number, so in this way the platform is going to send you a text message to verify your identity with a 6-digit code, enter it as you get it and your Snapchat account will be created.

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