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Create Twitter Account. If you want to know everything that happens in the world and express yourself about it, Twitter is the best choice for you to do this, since it is a platform from where you can access trustable information in real time, being written and posted by people involved directly. Also, being a social platform it allows to meet new people from around the world and stay in touch with them.

Create Twitter Account

Create Twitter Account
Create Twitter Account

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 and at present time has over 800 million users, although only the half of that number remains active, but this matter does not influence the success of the platform, since more than sixty million tweets are send every day and over 800.000 searching request by users to find relevant information about anything that is happening.

Twitter as the micro-blogging king

In details, Twitter is a social platform that works through micro-blogs or small posts of 140 characters (until 2017) which are included on a timeline ordered by relevance, posting time and other criteria.

So, Twitter is a service where you can express yourself about any topic, but the real strength of the platform is that you can find others talking about what you are posting, thanks to hashtags and searching possibilities provided by Twitter.

Also, this works perfectly to stay updated and informed about local, national or international events, since people directly involved can post tweets and you can find them easily by just writing a key word or hashtag.

Of course, Twitter is also a social network where you can find people with your own interest, and you can “follow” them and they can do the same with you and everything you post will appear on each other timeline. In the same way, on Twitter you can upload and share photos and videos, give likes, “unfollow” someone and use direct messages to contact privately.

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