Hotmail or Outlook?

Years ago Hotmail was the big giant o emails, certainly it was the most popular and most used in the late nineties. Hotmail is the pioneer in emails, it was the first contact that many people had with the email when companies like Google did not have this tool.  Hotmail is over 20 years old and was created by the Indian entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia and the American Jack Smith. E but a year after its creation Microsoft bought it due to its great success.

Hotmail or Outlook email account

It is important to mention that since February 19, 2013, the access to Hotmail accounts is only possible through, which means that your Hotmail account is now an account. However, it is still possible to create accounts with the domain.

Why did Hotmail become Outlook? Microsoft wanted to improve its interface so Outlook was born. Outlook is Microsoft’s new e-mail service, boasting a modern and more intuitive design than Hotmail. Over time, Hotmail has been phased out and will be completely the new free Microsoft mail service. Outlook has many tools; you can enjoy the integration of other features besides email, such as access to Word online and the Skype website. This email has interesting functions such as an anti-spam system and an antivirus. In addition, it also has a complete calendar where you can program all your activities.

Do I need a new account and a new password to log in to  Users who upgrade their accounts to Outlook can use the same user and password they used in Hotmail to log in to

When I start using my Hotmail account with does it mean I have two email accounts? No. If you upgraded from Hotmail to you do not have a new mail account, it’s the same account you had from Hotmail.

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So now, how do I open a Hotmail or Outlook account?

How do I create a Hotmail or Outlook account?

  • The first thing to do is to enter to the Microsoft account creation page from your browser.
  • Then fill out the form.
  • Make sure your username is available.
  • You can choose whether to a, or account.
  • When you finish the form, press “Create Account”, and then you are almost ready.
  • Your account will be created and you are ready to start using all the Outlook services.

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