Instagram Stories are coming to Whatsapp

Instagram Stories has become a flagship product of the social network. In recent weeks it has released innovative filters, archives and outstanding stories. These temporary publications that disappear after 24 hours have been very successful and are used by millions of people every day. The number of users using this tool increases daily throughout the world.

Last October, Facebook enabled the option that allows users to publish their Instagram Stories also in their linked Facebook accounts easily and automatically. That novelty made the Stories of Facebook begin to be used more commonly. Now the company is exploring a new step: taking the Instagram Stories to WhatsApp as well.

All your networks connected through the Intagram Stories

The popular WhatsApp messaging application has changed a lot in recent months, especially since it was bought by Facebook in millions of dollars business. The company is doing tests to allow users to send their Instagram Stories directly to the WhatsApp Status, the homonymous function in the messaging application.

Although they are identical functions, the truth is that the only Stories that have triumphed are those of instagram. That’s why Facebook allowed them to be published on this social network and now it will allow doing the same in the most used messaging application of the planet.

The launch of this new functionality has the interest of motivating users to review the WhatsApp Status that are not necessarily very popular and thus give them more life.

With this new feature Facebook will try to keep all your applications active and communicated even if you are not using them directly.

At the moment this option is in trial period in certain countries and users and then they will expand them to the entire user base in case everything goes according to plan. The function is being tested in Brazil and is expected to be officially released around the world in the coming months.

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