Make new Facebook account

Make new Facebook account.When we talk about social networks, with no question Facebook is the first coming to mind, being one of the pioneers in relation to this types of web sites, where people easily can share content about their lives through photos, messages and posts on the “wall”. At present time, Facebook is a service with over thirteen thousand million users across the whole world and counting.

Make new Facebook account

Make new Facebook account
Make new Facebook account

In this way, through a Facebook account you can stay in touch easily with your family and friends, as well as knowing new people since the platform uses your location to show you users close to you, focusing more in this matter if you share with someone a lot of friends in common. Also, you can contact people from around the world, and check posts from artists and celebrities.

Facebook as a social platform counts with everything you need to contact others, as well as sharing content of your life in different ways. For example, you can use the chat to talk to your contacts in real time, posting something like photo or message in their wall or yours, tag people and photos, show videos, share location, places where you are or have been and more.

Also, Facebook is a multimedia service allowing users to play games and enjoy apps with different purposes, along known characteristics as reactions to posts, likes and dislikes and sharing button.

A little history about Facebook

In details, Facebook was a web site created by Mark Zuckerberg in collaboration with Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin in 2004. In first instance, the idea was to create a platform where students from Harvard University; college Mark and the other guys were attending, could be able to share content and easy communication between them.

A few months later, Facebook was released and ended up being a huge success between the students, so it was decided to expand and open Facebook to the public in general in the United States, and then among other countries and ultimately the entire world, thanks to its success.

How to sign up on Facebook

The process to sign up on Facebook is quite straightforward and easy to do, by just visiting the URL address Like this, Facebook home page will appear and you do not even have to click on a sign up button or anything like that; you just have to complete the small registration on the right side of the screen with the “Create a new account” title. So, in a very direct way you can enter the required information by Facebook to create your new account, such as first and surname, a valid and active mobile phone number or email address, along with the selected password. Last but not least, do not forget to include your birthdate and indicate if you are female or male, and then click on green “Create account” button. All you need to do is entering the verification SMS received in your mobile phone, or click on the link sent by the platform to the registered email and you are good to go.

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