Mark Zuckerberg announces changes on the interactions of the Facebook wall

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the generalization of a new policy aimed at “cleaning” the Facebook wall. From these first weeks of January 2018, the company will review its algorithm to give much more importance to the activities and interactions of your friends rather than the publications and news shared by the pages of media or groups, even though you follow them. This with the aim of returning to the essence of this social network, such as increase the interaction between friends and family and thus decrease the false news and generating spam.

The new Facebook wall will seek to bring people closer

In a long text published by Zuckerberg, the developer tells its users this decision. Supported by several studies made by renamed universities whom determined that a timeline in which the publications of your friends are prioritized. The relationship with them will make you much happier and positive.

This also adds that passively reading articles or watching videos may not be as good or beneficial to our well-being as it is to connect with people that matter to us, since according to studies. Being connected with them will make us feel happier and less alone.

Although in the statement published by the creator of this social network does not detail which will be the changes implemented in the Facebook wall, it is known that the main objective is to eliminate the waste of content that is shared and the news that generate spam. So it is presumed that spaces dedicated to the media will be restricted.

This leaves more space for your friends’ posts. According to the statement, the first updates of the Facebook wall will be directed to the positioning of posts with more interactions between friends which will be located higher in the timeline.

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