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Sign in Hotmail is one of the simplest tasks. Hotmail sign in should be noted that in order to do it first you will have to have your own registered email account, and saved the user data and password with which you registered.

Hotmail has evolved a lot over time, since 1996 it is still one of the best online e-mail services, but the best, along with Gmail, either for its security or speed and quantity of services that can be synchronized with email.

Without giving more turns we will explain in just 4 steps as you can log in to Outlook / Hotmail

How to Sign in Hotmail?

1- Enter your favorite browser (Mozilla, Chrome or Safari) and type in the address bar or

outlook login
2- Then what you have to do is click on the top right of the screen where it says “Login
3- In this step you will be asked for the username that can be your Email, phone or Skype name. After Enter it click “Next“.
4- Now in the last field you have to enter the password and finally click on “Login

Sign in Hotmail account

When you have completed all the steps, Outlook will send you to your Hotmail Inbox to be able to send and receive e-Mails.

We hope that the tutorial on how to log in to Outlook / ex Hotmail has been easy for you to understand. If you have any doubt about this you can send a comment so that we can respond as soon as possible with a quick response.

10 Interesting Features of Hotmail Email

1.- Improved interface
2.- Integration with Facebook and Twitter
3.- Integrated Chat
4.- Open Office documents
5.- Social Networking Contacts
6.- Video calls from Skype
7.- Photos attached in slides
8.- Integration with SkyDrive
9.- Automatic cleaning

Hotmail sign in on Mobile

Sign in Hotmail Mobile on Android

  • Enter the Android Google Play and download the APP for Android
  • If you have an account in Hotmail, enter your email and password.
  • Choose the Push option, which will notify you at every moment of everything new that arrives in your mail.

Sign in Hotmail Mobile on Windows Phone or Windows Mobile

The Outlook app comes by default on your tablet or smartphone, you simply have to go to Settings and choose Mail and Accounts.

  • Indicate your data in adding an account
  • Now you must know what Windows you have, if you have;

Windows Phone 7, select the Windows Live option
Windows Phone 8, select the Outlook option.

  • Finally enter your email and your password.

You can now Log in to Hotmail or Windows Live.

How Sign in Hotmail on Iphone, Ipod or Ipad

From the official IOS app of your Iphone, Ipad or Ipad

  • Go to Settings of your IOS cell phone and then, select and click on Mail, contacts and calendar
  • Now you must click on add account
  • Finally click on
  • You have completed all the necessary steps to access and log in

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