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Sign up Badoo. There are many types of social networks at present time, since there the ones focusing on meeting people and sharing any type of content like Facebook, platforms addressed on posting images and videos like Instagram, and the ones that allow create multimedia message to users that get destroyed after a limited time like Snapchat. Well, Badoo is a multipurpose social network.

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Sign up Badoo
Sign up Badoo

And by that, what it is meant is that Badoo is a platform that can be described as a classic social network that allows you to share content and meet people, but it also result being a dating site, a chat room and a rating photos page. Like this, in Badoo are included several functions users are looking for to enjoy, with the advantage to have them in one place, and there its success.

Since, Badoo by the year of 2017 has over 350 million users, which a third of that number remain active and upload content almost every single day, looking for new profiles for people to meet as well.

Badoo is almost a completely free website that offers online services and products with no cost. However, if users are willing to pay Badoo offers some advantages at a little cost that allow them to be ranked better on the searching process, so a person can find such paid profiles easier and there is more probability to be approached by such user.

A little history about Badoo

Badoo is a website created in 2006 by Andrey Andreev; a Russian business man that saw the potential of this kind of platforms and social networks. In a fast way, Badoo became successful in Europe and later on to the other continents, having offices in plenty of nations and being the site translated into more than 60 languages for every possible user to enjoy the platform.

Getting your account on Badoo

To have a new account on Badoo is a very easy process, you just have to visit and being on the home page of the platform, you can sign in via Facebook or other service like MSN, Vkontakte and Yandex. However, you can complete the sign up process in case you do not want to log in using external platforms.

To do so, Badoo is going to ask you a few questions right there on its home page to start the signing up process, beginning with gender, the purpose for you to use Badoo that can be chatting, making new friends and dating, then the service will ask you to enter your first name, birth date, current location, an email address or mobile phone number, then click on “Create account”.

As a last step, Badoo will confirm your registration process by sending you a SMS with a four digit code, being the one you have to enter and that will be it, your Badoo account is ready.

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