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Sign up Outlook. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world related to software and hardware, having great influence and offering different products from operating systems and office software, to free services like cloud and gaming platforms online. Well, one of the most important services provided by Microsoft is email, through Outlook branding that was known before as Hotmail.

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Sign up Outlook account

Sign up Outlook
Sign up Outlook

Outlook was born in 2013, as a renamed email platform that was improved with more advantages and features, ending Microsoft with a fifteen year branding related with Hotmail; a company they bought in 1997 that was the most influent email service at that time. Like this, with Outlook Microsoft took the step on having a complete renewed and renamed email brand.

Outlook and its advantages

Outlook is an email service provided by Microsoft from where you can send and receive messages, create folders, and attach media files and documents for easy sharing and so much more. Since, such files are stored in a secure way thanks to the cloud hosting provided by OneDrive service; an online storage platform that is connected to your Outlook account.

In fact, all services offered by Microsoft like Windows 10, XBOX Live, OneDrive, Office and Skype can be used with just an Outlook account, and like this you can open all of these platforms on different devices with the same credentials and having everything connected online, and therefore physical space in drives and memory can be saved.

For example, with an Outlook account you can log in to open session on Windows 10 and use your computer, start chatting with Skype, use Office 365 and share documents on the go, using Xbox Live to play games online if you have an Xbox One, and also store all of your documents and important files on the cloud using OneDrive to prevent data lost from hardware failure.

Get your Outlook account for free

Outlook as a platforms allows to sign up for free and quite easily, by just visiting the URL address In this page, the service will ask you to enter your credentials such as email account and password, however, since you have any of those just yet, you are going to create your own account, by clicking on the “Create one account” button down below “Next”.

By doing so, the platform will allow you entering Outlook by using credentials from other email service, such as Gmail, Yahoo or other, as well as open session using a mobile phone number. Nevertheless, if what you need is to get a new Outlook email account from scratch, you are going to click on “Get a new email account”.

Like this, you can enter your nickname that will be your account and a secure password, then the platform will require your name and surname, region or country, date of birth, a catcha writing to verify your account and that will be it, your account is now created.

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